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Welcome to Nashville Bodywork Therapies.  

If you are like most people these days you are dealing with a variety of stress factors. Perhaps you have a stressful career or you have suffered injuries. For these reasons and more many people live daily with a resulting tightness, movement restrictions and often chronic pain. Stress enters our bodies in a variety of ways. There are no shortages of stress factors in this world.

Bodywork and massage have long been key tools towards reducing stress and trauma - for centuries. Stress as you probably know by now is considered by a growing majority of medical professionals to be the number one cause of disease and disfunction. This places stress as the number one cause of the decline of good health balance. The idea of course is to reduce stress and pain thereby increasing movement, positive energy and vitality.

Bodywork encompasses therapy modalities beyond traditional therapeutic or relaxation massage. My own practice incorporates myofacial realease therapy technique as as well as technique derived from osteopathic theory and other ancient healing practices. You can read more about bodywork, myofacial release and therapeutic massage modalities within this website and the links I'll be providing. I'll be providing additional informational pages for your convenience. 

Having studied and practiced advanced bodywork therapy for many years I have received an abundance of feedback from people I treat. This has allowed me to build and blend bodywork therapies in unique ways. My continuing education, study, practice and feedback shapes the therapy I can offer. I am proud to include doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals - as people I treat regularly.  I have found that all people are not alike - issues differ - histories differ. Two-way communication is the key to each session and all therapy directions.  

I sincerely hope, if you are new to my services - you will fully explore all the areas of this website. Once you have made an appointment  - and you are here -  just relax, let go and we will work together to bring your natural health into a better place of balance. My goal is to assist you in your quest to convert stress into joyful living. 

Sincerely - Trish Parker LMT - Village area of Nashville for over twelve years. 

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